3 Programming Languages ​​That Will Be Famous in AT LEAST 20 YEARS

Hello, in this article, I will give information about software and programming languages ​​that have been developing recently. First of all, let’s give information about what programming language or software language is.

What is the Programming Language? What is software?

Programming languages ​​are languages ​​that give us a certain output as a result of compiling any process on the computer with various compilers, reduced to various commands from the 01’s of the computer and can be created by scientists. The program consists of code and is the output given when programming languages ​​are compiled after being written with various algorithms with the compiler.

Program And Software Difference?

The program consists of codes as we said above. Software, on the other hand, is a language that consists of libraries that will communicate with the PC, that is, with the hardware in the computer, and can be written with a specific algorithm.

For example, cheat engine is software. But when we open it, the cheat engine running in the background is an x86 program.

If you have understood this difference, we will now give you information about 3 important software languages ​​that will mark the next 20 years.


1-) PYTHON (.py)

As you know, future technology is now advancing in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This situation deeply affects the technology sector, which will show a very different development. Things can now be handled in a practical way. Since the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning is a bit broad subject, we gave information about this subject in a separate article. What is artificial intelligence? What is machine learning?

Anyway, let’s go back to our subject, as we said, thanks to the developing technology, now our machines, phones, cars will be able to do most of the work themselves. For example, the new generation cars are now able to drive better by themselves, following the rules, almost better than a normal person. So how does it do this? What is he doing? You know Nvidia, when you buy a video card, you usually prefer this brand. Nvidia shows significant advances in the field of artificial intelligence.

In short, if you ask which artificial intelligence language of the future, we say python. Python just doesn’t work for this, of course. It is also very helpful when writing hacking tools or writing any kind of exploit. Apart from these, it is very easy to learn and a software language that can bring you to very good places. Moreover, while a program you write in a programming language such as c # will have 100 lines, you can download it up to 30 in python.

This programming language is the # 1 programming language of the future. We recommend that you learn.

2-) Javascript (.js)

There is javascript that ranks 2nd in the most important software language of the future. So why?

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language commonly used in web browsers. Really sharp language. Javascript is usually used in counters on any site, forms etc. you will see. You can write js codes on Google console. For example, if you want to unfollow all the people you follow on Twitter and the number of people you follow is as high as one thousand 2 thousand, then a simple js script will help you.

3-) GO – golang (.go)

Go – golang is an open source programming language that has been developed on Google since 2007. It is mostly designed for system programming and is a compiled and static type software language. Since the Go software language is developed by Google, it is seen as the language of the future. One of its most important advantages is that it is open source just like python.

Although GOLANG ranks third on our programming language list, it is really close to js and py. If you know these 3 software languages ​​very well, your salary cannot be less. Come on, stay healthy. Do not forget to comment !”

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