5 Natural Ways To Cure Diabetes

5 Natural Ways To Cure Diabetes – People now don’t have to worry about diabetes as much as they have to about pre-diabetes which is one of the fastest growing epidemics in the world. This condition is symbolized by obesity, insulin resistance, hypertension and high insulin. Obesity unfortunately, contributes to almost 75% of the problem. Insulin resistance is often something which goes undiagnosed. Hypertension in itself is a major epidemic and 75% of people who are suffering from these conditions are more susceptible to pre-diabetes and later on full-blown diabetes.

One thing to know is that we eat everything double of what we are supposed to eat and this is what is causing our blood sugar conditions to rise. Diet is everything. It is the basis for changing our lifestyle and has also been considered one of the most ideal ways to start a natural cure.

  • On an average, we eat 42% fat calories which is approximately 5 times the amount of fat that we need. We are also known to eat twice the amount of protein, half the amount of fiber that is required which results in them consuming twice the amount of calories they need. We don’t eat to stay healthy, we eat to feel full.
  • We eat normally 500% of the fats that are needed which are all saturated animal fats instead of eating food which has a basis in vegetable oils. This is not implying that you have to turn vegetarian in order to cure diabetes as it is advisable to have a sufficient amount of protein in the form of fish or other kind of seafood which should make up not more than 10% of your diet. The most ideal way to cure one would be stop eating any kind of red meat, poultry, eggs and almost all dairy products.
  • Milk and milk products are one of the most allergic foods known. This is mainly because they contain lactose (milk sugar) and cancer promoting casein. Any adult of any age is lactose intolerant because they no longer produce the enzyme lactase. Without producing the enzyme, you cannot digest lactose. Every one over the age of 3 years is allergic to milk and dairy products. There are many studies to prove that milk and dairy products can cause diabetes.
  • Most of the green and yellow vegetables are a good choice, if you are looking at these. Frozen vegetables are used by many Japanese macrobiotics and they highly recommend frozen vegetables. Avoid vegetables which are high in oxalic acid is also something one should be careful of. This can drastically reduce blood sugar levels.
  • One of the main problems or reasons for diabetes is due to an increased sucrose intake. Fruits might not be the best option for diabetic patients, as they contain sugars, fiber and water and less vitamins and minerals. Using sweeteners like honey, fructose, fruit juice are a definite no-no. Artificial sweeteners, irrespective of what their manufacturers say, are the worst to have and should be completely avoid. If you want to avoid diabetes, it is better to kick the concept of desserts out of your life.

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