Apple Cider Vinegar Facts and Uses

Apple Cider Vinegar Facts and Uses

Apple cider vinegar is well known for helping to heal many ailments. It is used to treat everything from acne to diabetes to germs on your kitchen counter.

However, many claims are made about ACV and not all of them have been proven. In fact, research has been quite limited on it, and the line between fact and fiction is blurry.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence we have to its usefulness are studies that show it can help with both diabetes and cancer.

Apple Cider Vinegar Facts and Studies

The fact about apple cider vinegar and its health benefits is that you must use natural organic to get the benefit from it. Unpasteurized, unfiltered ACV still has the “mother” in it. These floating particles contain vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help your body.

Nearly every study done agrees that organic apple cider vinegar has powerful detoxifying properties that clean the body.

This is precisely why ACV is used for such a wide variety of ailments, because most ailments stem from toxic waste within the body.

Thousands of people use ACV for weight loss, arthritis treatment, colon cleanse, acne and high cholesterol precisely because it has the ability to clean your blood and detoxify your body.

While there may not be direct studies as of yet, the approving consensus among users is astonishing.

The Greek Physician Hippocrates used apple cider vinegar regularly as a medicine for his patients. Today, it is still used as a home remedy, indicating that there must be some truth to its claims even without clinical studies.

Apple Cider Vinegar Remedies for Weight

The Egyptians and the Greeks, to name just a few, drank vinegar thousands of years ago to keep from gaining too much weight, and as a medicine for those who were obese.

Interestingly enough, current research today shows that there is some truth to helping obesity. Most people agree that it works as an appetite suppressant, and I would agree. There are theories floating about that ACV burns calories itself, but this is a little far-fetched.

After taking a spoonful or two before meals, I felt full much quicker than I otherwise would have, and ended up eating less.

Some studies say that a spoonful before each of two meals per day causes people to lose a half pound of body fat per week, adding up to 26 pounds in a year!

Although there is a lot of controversy about apple cider vinegar facts versus fiction, it has been backed by entire nations of people for thousands of years. If you are looking for a natural remedy, it might be something you try for yourself.

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