Behaviorism, Behaviourism

Behaviourism, Behaviorism, Pavlov's dog experiment
Behaviorism, Behaviorist

What is behaviourism? – Many studies have been conducted from past to present on whether an individual acquires some features from birth or later. Behaviorism pioneered by John Broadus Watson is the result of these studies. Behaviorism is an approach that focuses on human behavior and the environment rather than on how people feel. That is, behaviorism is an approach that puts the elements of the mind aside and tries to explain the organism with behavioral reactions. To understand animal and human behavior, Watson conducted research by observing child rearing, animal behavior, and what people react to and why. Watson; In addition to Pavlov’s dog experiment, he supported behaviorism with the Little Albert experiment, which was supported by some scientists and also controversial. In this experiment, Watson wanted to prove that fear is an acquired reflex in humans. He proved this with the so-called baby named Albert. In Watson’s experiment, briefly, Albert was not afraid of the mouse until he was exposed to a loud noise when he saw it a few times. Then Albert began to fear the sight of the mouse without the loud noise. As it is understood from this experiment, the fears, behaviors, etc. that occur in us. it all happens with the environmental factor. If we give a simple example, if a parent who is afraid of spiders is afraid when he/she see a spider near the baby; it causes the baby to start to fear spiders. This approach exists in language. A newborn baby will use the words used by his family and the environment he is exposed to. These words will be coded in his mind every time the baby learns a word. And he will only know as many words as he has been exposed to. Unless the individual is often exposed to it by the environment, person will forget this language. An example of this is that many languages used in the past are no longer used today. Consequently, it can be said that the factor that distinguishes people from each other is actually environmental factors, because the individual is shaped according to her/his environment. Thank you for reading our What is behaviourism? article.

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