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Posthuman, Posthumanism, Transhuman, Transhumanism
posthuman, transhuman

New terminology emerges as the world develops and changes. The term posthuman is one of these terms. So, what does posthuman mean ? That’s a very relevant question in the 21 st century and is an umbrella term that is defined by many. Posthuman is often confused with Transhuman. Both approaches address the post-human condition in the technological age. This is the main reason for confusion. Posthumanism is a general term that covers transhumanism with very minor differences. Transhumanism is a movement that advocates for the use of technology and science to improve human physical and cognitive capacities, as well as to eliminate unwanted or unneeded aspects of life like as aging and illness. So, technology is thought by transhumanizm that there may be a hope that can provide humanity in “post-biological” periods while technology is not the primary focus of post-humanism. In light of present cultural and historical circumstances, posthumanistic discourse strives to open up spaces to investigate what it means to be human and critically interrogate the concept of “the human.” It is very important here that human beings evolve their minds while searching for solutions to the problems around them. It is thought that with the development of human mind, They can develop the system and solve social problems. How can we solve these problems? We said that posthumanism aims to question human existence and that the main things we call difference that develops with it have a similarity within themselves, and that we question these similarities and then eliminate these differences. When we look at the past, it can be said that we have actually taken steps to solve these problems. We know that until about fifty years ago, the black race was exhibited in places defined as human zoos. But now we can think that the concept called human has expanded even more. Then we can say that we are crossing something. Today, with the feminist movements, the situation where one side seems to be superior with the difference between men and women, that is, gender differences is now being equalized. Then there may be many changes, developments and questions on this path.In other words we see that the concept of poshuman does not have an ideology that will bring the end of humanity. But innovations scare humanbeing, and they become even more complicated with the information they do not know and hearsay. Even if it takes time, they accept.

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