What are the symptoms of stress?

What is stress before? We answered this question. If you want to know what is the definition of stress, you can read this article: WHAT IS STRESS?

Am I stressed out? What are the signs of stress? Now let’s try to answer these questions. What is the symtoms of stress?

Symptoms of Stress

  1. Mental Symptoms: Concentration loss, forgetfulness, increased errors, confusion and low productivity.
  2. Physical Symptoms: Headache, irregular sleep, back pain, constipation, diarrhea and colitis, rash, muscle aches, jaw tightness or teeth grinding, loud blood pressure, excessive sweating. Heart attack can also be a symptom.
  3. Social Symptoms: There may be a situation of not trusting people. There may be situations such as not wanting to talk and blaming people.
  4. Emotional symptoms: Tension, crying, anxiety, depression

The above symptoms can cause serious health problems. Therefore, if you have such symptoms, you may need psychological help. If you want to learn about ways to cope with stress, we recommend this article: 5 ways to deal with stress.

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