What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Hello in this article, we will try to give information about artificial intelligence, what are artificial intelligence applications, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, artifical intelligence. I will go deeper into the subject with my own thoughts.

Lets start to ansver: What is Artificial Intelligence?

The universe, as we know it, was formed 14 billion years ago in a huge explosion. This energy with infinite mass and density dispersed into space with the Big Bang explosion and gradually expanded. The Solar System and Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago. It formed more than 4.5 billion years ago, according to radiometric dating and other evidence. We calculated this based on radiometric dating and other evidence. Various elements were formed after the world was formed. These elements took energy in the water, and amino acids later formed the cell. This allowed life to emerge and evolve and evolve after rapidly emerging. There was a perfect exchange between living things. In this deal, some party gave and some took it. Trying to maintain its own kind, the realm of life took new measures and tried to escape from the receiving side or catch the giving side. Among them, the miraculous properties of living things developed. For example, a bird caught the worm inside by inserting a piece of twig it took into its mouth into the tree hole because its beak did not grow. Living things in nature tried to learn the rules of life for the continuity of their species and to pass this on to the next generation. One of these species was human. Learning that it is easier to do things like escape from predators, find water, and hunt together, humankind created a social environment. It adapted to the environment it created and distributed the tasks. He realized that there are ways to reach the solution of human needs that are aware of their responsibilities more easily over time. The cave was entered for a shelter, an idea developed to meet the need for shelter. Later, the hunter designed and used better tools for easier hunting. Food was chewed more easily after the fire was found. It worked very well to warm up. Here the human who did all this used technology. He did a needs analysis and found the solution. He then found other ways to reach a solution. He had found the easiest way. He developed various tools and used these tools for the continuity of his life. Over time, civilization developed further. Man noticed himself and began to examine himself. The shopping system developed to maintain social cohesion. Money was invented and a new one joined the technology. A lock was developed to protect the king’s chest. The lock was broken and a new lock was created until the room was broken or easier to find. Then, encrypted chests emerged. All of this was the advancement of technology. Here, after the concept of encryption, the most important thing was information. Because the information was now more secure and more secret.

This information was now used in encrypted form during World War II. Thanks to the machine called Enigma, which was built by German engineers, encrypted information was sent to another Enigma machine. Only the Enigma machine could decrypt this encrypted data. The algorithm of 1 machine was changed in 24 hours. They were doing this simultaneously with other Enigma machines. The information was very important because the information about where Hitler would bomb by planes was transmitted in encrypted form. So they had to crack this encrypted data. It was impossible to do this through trial and error or with human intelligence in a short time. If the human brain tried to do this with its own patterns, it would not work either. Because this pattern could happen once in a million, which required work in the long run. Then an English mathematician named Alan Turing came along and said that only a machine can solve a machine’s encryption system. Thanks to the machine he designed, the passwords were called letter by letter and he made the machine work until the correct result was reached. The machine was testing letters and words much faster. In this way, the password was broken. A machine succeeded in deciphering the code that man could not crack. Thanks to a human.

Alan Turing
Alan Turing

Alan Turing was a very clever mathematician and came up with the following idea. Could machines think like humans? Thanks to this crucial idea, the concept of artificial intelligence emerged.

So what exactly is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is to enable machines to think, learn and act like humans. In short, it behaves like people. This concept was developed in the 1970s with artificial neural networks. Humans realized that for a machine to behave like humans, it must process information like humans. For this reason, they used neural networks similar to human neural networks in artificial neural networks. Man transmits information through Neurons and connects them with the help of Synapses. This process also takes place in artificial neural networks. Thanks to the created algorithms, information passes from one artificial neural network to another artificial neural network. In doing so, it uses algorithms that function as synapses.

After the artificial neural networks created for the formation of learning machines like humans, another concept has been introduced since the 1980s. This is the concept of “machine learning”. So what is machine learning. Machine learning is when a machine learns with the instructions we give it. A machine learning is like giving a lecture to a student. We teach the student a lesson and try to get some outputs from him, and then we compare them. In this way, the student learns. Machines reach an output determined by us based on the data and instructions we provide. The interesting part is the next part. This part is explained with the concept of deep learning. When we input machines, we no longer tell machines what to do or what should happen at the end, that is, we do not set the rules. We only ensure that the machine creates an output with the patterns it has established and the classification method it has learned. To explain with the example of the student, we put the student in an exam with all the information we have taught, and the student responds to the questions he has just seen, in whatever questions he will use his own subconscious learning techniques.

This is deep learning, which is where the rope breaks. Because we don’t know what the output is and we don’t put any rules on the machine. This leads CEOs like Elon Musk to say that artificial intelligence will have bad consequences. Stephen Hawking is the greatest achievement of humans and if it gets out of control, “artificial intelligence will be the last success of the human race.” He used his words.

In short, if we need to see the system as a whole, artificial intelligence includes machine learning and machine learning includes deep learning.

We can say that artificial intelligence is still in its infancy. But despite this, I would like to tell an eerie event. In 2015, a group of scientists at the hospital, The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, integrates a machine learning algorithm into patient records. This algorithm, called Deep Pationt, examines 700,000 people. Just by looking at these data, it determines what causes what diseases and which symptoms will cause which disease. Joel Dudley, head of the group that conducted the research, says, “This program has an accuracy rate we haven’t seen before.” What makes the interesting part even more interesting is another. This program predicts with a very strange accuracy who will develop schizophrenia. Even we cannot detect schizophrenia patients so easily. So how can this program be able to learn the causes of such a complex disease. Here we do not know this part of the work. Here is the horrible part. The machine develops in a method we do not know.

We are now eating the fruits of artificial intelligence. We use it in google translate. Correcting the misspelled words in the search engine. He says, “Did you mean that?” On platforms such as Youtube, we enable it to determine what is our area of ​​interest according to the videos we watch. Then we make it suggest videos for us. We eliminate our annoyances thanks to complex algorithms such as sound perception like Siri, converting them into letters and interpreting and responding. As a matter of fact, Elon Musk, who defends that artificial intelligence is a threat, manufactures driverless cars with artificial intelligence at Tesla. The company that produces Nvidia graphics cards has developed a better algorithm in this regard. We use phones that detect our faces in the photos we take. So although we are afraid of this technology, we use it. Just as Arthur C. Clarke said, “There are two possibilities: either we are alone in the universe or we are not alone in the universe.” So there are 2 possibilities, either artificial intelligence will be the end or not. I believe that artificial intelligence will be our last after seeing that humans are too incapable of dealing with even a small virus. Best regards, lafimsize.com (Zafer GÜVEN)…. (Copying of the article is prohibited!)

What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence in Brief

Artificial intelligence is the way a machine behaves like a human. So if a person thinks the opposite machine is a human, we can say that this is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence includes the concept of machine learning and the concept of deep learning. Today, I mentioned examples in the deep learning stage in my article. Let me touch on one more point. Artificial intelligence technology seems to sack a lot of people. But it can provide jobs for most people. Healthy days…

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