What is Technology?

Hello, in this article, we will briefly talk about what is technology, technology, technological products, new technologies, technology definition, technology. You can also read 3 Software Languages ​​That Will Be Famous In 20 Years article about technology. Let’s start without ado.

What is technology in short?

Technology is the compilation of skills, methods, processes, techniques or scientific research used in the production of goods or services or in the realization of purposes for this purpose. If I make my own definition, we can say that it is methods, inventions and researches developed to facilitate human life. If I give an example, Quantum Physics is a technology. Quantum computers invented after this theory are also technology. We can say that the internet of things, artificial intelligence, these are examples of technology.

Technology and human relations

If we examine the concept of human relations, it is the communication, exchange and solidarity people have with each other in order to continue their generation.
When we bring together the concepts of technology and human relations, we see that technology can be very effective in human relations because it is a human product. The effort to search for a more practical way to meet the needs of people in order to continue their own life, which I explained in the previous concept of artificial intelligence, has created technology. The relationships of people with each other are closely related to technology. In other words, both technology can be a product of human relations and human relations can be a product of technology. The best example that human relations are the product of technology, law has been found to make human relations more universal. Law is a product of technology. Because for people to live together in a more livable environment, certain rules must be established against each other. Communities have a variety of experiences to be aware of these rules. These experiences will first be gained by small communities of people, then countries and states will gain more experience and reveal various forms of governance. In case the first tribes have any conflict with each other, we see that power is important when we look briefly, as the talents and skills that nature has given are at the forefront. But when we look at it for a long time, we see that other skills given by nature can also be effective, that is, intelligence and effective communication are also important. At first, the stronger in the fight wins. The smarter person will reveal the plan he has prepared beforehand to overcome the stronger. A person with effective communication skills will succeed in getting his tribe behind him and will find a way to share food equally without fighting and prevent the theft of the goods of the weak. We see this in history. The laws created in 1760 BC, known as the Hammurabi laws, are an example of this. These laws were created by the king Hammurabi, of course, the king Hammurabi was the 6th king, so he was also influenced by the laws of previous kings. In other words, rules were created for the society to live together long before that. Hammurabi’s laws were in the form of retaliation. So whoever broke someone’s bone. The state would break the same bone of the person who broke the bone in the same way. Apart from Hammurabi, there were also various rules in the Old Testament scripture. The Quran is a great example of this. An example can be given in the Surah of Baqara. ﴾178﴿ O you who believe! Retaliation for those who have been killed has been made necessary to you. Free, slave to slave, woman to woman. However, to whomever something is donated by his brother, he should now comply with him fairly and pay the diet to him with beauty. This is a relief, a mercy from your Lord. After that, whoever transgresses will have a painful doom. (https://kuran.diyanet.gov.tr/tefsir/Bakara-suresi/185/178-ayet-tefsiri) I will not interpret the verse here and discuss religion. This distorts the subject a lot. So I just gave the verse as an example. As we can see, there is a rule that must be applied in the verse. In other words, it is a service for the society to live together more easily. The quality of this service is debatable. The more people and society experience together, the more service changes will occur. Nowadays, in order to maintain this social order, an important factor affecting this is the concept of ethics, that is, it is necessary to provide equal rights to each individual. The best example of this is the universal declaration of human rights. To give an exemplary rule: Article 1- All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They have reason and conscience, they should treat each other with a sense of brotherhood. The rules here are the rules that a more modern society has established in a way to comply with ethics and universality, regardless of the country, politics and economy. In other words, as our experience changed, the service also changed and updated.

All of this was about law, which is the product of technology. Law is intertwined with the concept of human relations. What I mean is that the establishment, regulation and maintenance of human relations have been achieved through various methods and services, that is, technology. At least that’s my opinion.
Technology has also made a great contribution to the spread of law and the universalization of rules. Newspapers and news became more widespread thanks to printing technology. This also enabled the laws given by the states to be notified more easily.
If we look at it from another angle, technology can be a product of human relations. However, according to various beliefs, technology is a phenomenon introduced to the first human being. Scientifically, we can see that various animals also use technology. When we look at the birds, we see that they build their own nests. Again, the example of a bird species catching insects with a piece of branch because its beak cannot grow is an example of animals using technology. What I want to explain here is that technology is not just dependent on human relations. Nevertheless, human relations have had a significant effect on the development and change of technology. The change and updating of the laws and laws I mentioned above are thanks to the experiences gained in relation to human relations.
We know that human relations come true as a necessity. People lived more easily when they lived together. The human race lived more easily when the responsibilities were shared. He constantly changed his relationships to continue his generation. Of course, changing their relationship even more may not mean that they are in a more organized relationship. For example, a racist can kill a black person because of his color. So no matter how much human relationships have evolved, we cannot say that they have improved. However, we can say that technology is constantly developing and its speed of development is increasing. We are in the space age now and a lot of work will be done by robots. We can say that this will take away the jobs of many people.
On the other hand, the development of technology can cause asociality. Nowadays, internet, telephone and other technological devices have started to take more time. According to the news of TRT at this link: https://www.trthaber.com/haber/dunya/dunya-genelinde-cep-telefonu-ullananlarin-sayisi-45-milyari-gecti-402379.html: With the advancement in communication technologies, mobile phone usage increased. While 57 percent of the world used mobile phones in 2015, this rate reached the limit of 62 percent in 2019. This can cause people to spend less time with each other. People now like their photos on social networks instead of telling them when they like each other’s clothes. This is a situation that technology will negatively affect human relations. This negatively affects family relationships as people do not chat with their families at home and use technological devices more. I think we shouldn’t use technology too much and we should pay attention to our social environment as we are a social being. We should use the useful parts of technology in our relations with people, not the harmful parts. In other words, we should communicate face to face in direct interaction with our social environment, thanks to the law and the rules created by technology rather than technological tools.
To summarize, technology and human relations are intertwined concepts. Therefore, both technology is affected by human relations and human relations are affected by technology.
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