Why do we get up early in the morning and go to school or work?
Why do we study for exams or for our job?

These questions are almost as difficult as the question of what is the secret of the universe. At least when we look for the first reason, this question arises.

When we look at them from a broad perspective, the business goes towards obscurity, but when we shrink this pespective. At least our answer to this question is How should we live life? May be the answer to the question. How should we live life? When searching for an answer to your question;

What are our needs? We can ask the question.

When we place the things we need in a pyramid from much to less, we see the pyramid will be Maslow’s pyramid. What are our needs that we are curious about in Abraham Maslow’s work published in 1943 hierarchical to the question He responded with a pyramid created with a list. This pyramid has evolved over time but essentially remained the same. Pyramid consists of 5 basic needs. These are ranked upwards from the most essential needs to those that are more unnecessary than the others. Of course, all these needs need to be met needs. If one of these needs is not met, our goal will be to try to fulfill that need. In this respect, it should be seen as a whole. Come now need Let’s examine the list from bottom to top of the triangle.

1.Bottom of the pyramid – Physiological needs:

These needs are the most basic. Our basic and primitive needs for sleep, nutrition and a healthy body.

2.Second part of the pyramid – Need for security:

The need for trust is a need we feel for life. It allows the previous basic needs to be met correctly. As a child, your environment should make you feel safe. As you grow up, this need is not as much as you felt as a child, but it is a need that needs to be met.

3.Third part – The need for belonging:

Meeting the need for trust alone is not enough. It is important for the person to feel belonging to that environment, as well as to trust his environment. The environment you are in must show love for you and for yourself and those around you. In this way, you feel yourself belonging to that environment.

4.Fourth part – The need for respect:

One also expects respect from a loved and loved environment. You need your environment to respect you. This you need First of all, you must have self-respect and respect for those around you.

5.Top of the Pyramid – Need for Self Realization:

Maslow said that important names in history were people who saw this need as a basic need. For the purpose of motivation The deceitful suggestions given to you work in this part. Trust yourself, realize your talent, all your skills realize, like enjoy life :). Here, of course, to fulfill the needs of the lower parts of the pyramid, It is very important. It is very important to be aware of this light in yourself and to turn on this light in order to get full efficiency from yourself, and it is a need.

It is possible to become a big name if the above list of needs is not met. But when you try to write poetry while hungry
inspiration may not come :).

Well, which of your needs do you want to be fulfilled right now? Feel free to comment.

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